New Government Report: Emergency Communications: Broadband and the Future of 911

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Emergency Communications: Broadband and the Future of 911
By Linda K. Moore (Paperback, 30 pages, 2010, $20)

Today’s 911 system is built on an infrastructure of analog technology that cannot support many of the features most Americans expect is a part of an emergency response, reports TMCnet. As a result, state, local and federal agencies will have to invest in new technologies.

This report’s contents are: (I) Introduction: An Outdated System; (II) The Next Generation: NG9-1-1; (III) Summary of 911 Legislation and Policy: The 911 Act and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulations: FCC Study: The Hatfield Report; The ENHANCE 911 Act of 2004; The NET 911 Improvement Act of 2008; (IV) Funding and Grants: Investment in Infrastructure: Wireless Devices; Local Networks; Call Centers; Interfaces with First Responders; Federal Grants; (V) Creating the Base for Change: NG9-1-1 Transition: Dept. of Transportation (DOT); NG9-1-1 Transition: NENA; NG9-1-1 Transition: FCC; (IV) The Potential Role of the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS): National Emergency Communications Plan; Regional Emergency Communication Coordination; (VII) National Broadband Plan; (VIII) Congressional Policy for NG9-1-1. Appendix A: 911 Legislation and Policy; Appendix B: Citizen-Activated Calls: 211; Appendix C: Grants Awards for 911 Programs.

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