Book Special for National Fresh Food and Vegetable Month and Great Outdoors Month: Wild Food Gourmet: Fresh and Savory Food From Nature (ISBN: 1552092429)

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Weekly Book Special: June 1st-June 7th

June is National Fresh Food and Vegetables Month and Great Outdoors Month. In commemoration, this week’s special is:

The Wild Food Gourmet:
Fresh and Savory Food From Nature

by Anne Gardon (Paperback, 174 pages, 1998, $25.00)

Wild Food GourmetCooking with wild food is a gratifying experience from start to finish. Discover a bounty of tender leaves, delicious berries and nutritious roots that grow wild all around us. Illustrated with over 75 color photos, this delightful cookbook features 100 delicious recipes using fresh-picked greens, berries and mushrooms and brings a new twist to home cooking and camping trips.

Author Anne Gardon grew up in Provence, France, where she followed her parents on their quest for wild edibles. When she came to North America she discovered a totally different and fascinating vegetation and started harvesting and eating wild edibles, which turned out to be delicious.

Our favorite recipe is for Tortellini with Artichoke Hearts and Shaggy Manes (click to enlarge):

Wild Food Gourmet: Tortellini with Artichoke Hearts and Shaggy Manes

“Containing exceptional photos, this book will appeal to gardeners, amateur botanists, restaurateurs and creative cooks,” writes Explore Magazine. Adds the Kansas City Star: “Learn tips on foraging, preserving, drying and freezing, along with recipes that are quite simple but elegant.”

Purchase this book for $25.00

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