New Government Report: Oil Spills in U.S. Coastal Waters: Background, Governance, and Issues for Congress (ISBN: 9781437934069)

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Oil Spills in U.S. Coastal Waters: Background, Governance, and Issues for Congress (ISBN: 9781437934069)
By Jonathan L. Ramseur (Paperback, 34 pages, 2010, $20)

This past week has seen the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico worsen, despite attempts to plug the gushing oil well. Carol M. Browner, President Obama’s climate change and energy policy adviser, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that she was concerned about the impact that the hurricane season could have on the continuing environmental crisis.

This report’s contents: (1) Background: Oil Spills (OS) in U.S. Coastal Waters; Impacts of OS in Aquatic Environment: Acute Impacts; Chronic Impacts; Ecosystem Recovery; Economic Costs of OS: Cleanup Costs; Natural Resources Damages; Other Economic Costs; (2) OS Governance: Federal Authorities: Exxon Valdez OS: 1990 Oil Pollution Act; Other Federal Laws; International Conventions: MARPOL 73/78; Intervention Convention; Federal Agencies Responsibilities: Response; Prevention and Preparedness; Federal Funding for the OS Liability Trust Fund: Background; Trust Fund Ceiling; Fund Projections, and Vulnerability; State Laws; (3) Threat of Future OS in U.S. Coastal Waters: Possibilities for Future OS: U.S. Oil Imports and Possible OS; Level of Preparedness. Illustrations.

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