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Complete Kwanzaa: Celebrating Our Cultural Harvest

Complete Kwanzaa:
Celebrating Our Cultural Harvest

by Dorothy Winbush Riley
(Hardcover, 387 pages, 1995, ISBN: 0785816976, $23.00)

KwanzaaCelebrated between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1, Kwanzaa is a joyous and meaningful holiday that gives African American an opportunity to reunite with family and friends and to pay tribute to their rich cultural heritage.

Here is a comprehensive guide that explains the traditional ceremonies, foods, and history of Kwanzaa. Offers an introduction to the cultural foundations of Kwanzaa, practical tips on how to tailor celebrations to individual circumstances, and directions on how to hold a Karamu feast, as well as recipes.

Also includes an explanation of the seven principles of Kwanzaas. Includes: the philosophy behind each principle; profiles of successful African American who represent the principles of Kwanzaa; inspirational quotations and proverbs; and folktales new and old. Illustrations.

“In this work, which is helpful in understanding the custom, Riley has illuminated each Kwanzaa principle with chapters replete with poetry, life stories of noted personalities who have benefited from using that particular system, quotations, folktales, and proverbs,” writes Ann Burns in a review for Library Journal. “A good source, especially for young adult collections.”

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Zigazak!: A Magical Hanukkah Night, by Eric Kimmell and John Goodell

Zigazak!: A Magical Hanukkah Night
by Eric A. Kimmel and John Goodell
(Hardcover without dustjacket, 30 pages, 2001, ISBN: 038590004X, $18.00)

ZigazakA wonderful tale for young readers about two devils that fly over the town of Brisk on a Hanukkah night.

At one house, the devils turn the children’s dreidels into creatures with arms and legs that begin to dance. At the next house they make the latkes rise from the pan and begin flying around the room. The devils continue to make trouble all over the town.

Everyone runs to seek help from the rabbi, a wise and holy man. He is able to turn the tables on the devils and get them to provide Hanukkah gelt (coins) for the children and the poor. The rabbi shows that “Nothing is completely wicked. Sparks of holiness exist in all things. Even in devils and their mischief.” He does this by recognizing what is beautiful and delightful in their tricks and thus making them good. Illustrations.

“In the most imaginative Hanukkah book this season, Kimmel peoples an old-world town with mischievous demons, easily alarmed villagers and a wise and crafty rabbi,” writes Publisher’s Weekly in a review.

“The brio of the storytelling doesn’t shy from a moral: ‘Sparks of goodness exist in all things, even in devils’ tricks.’ Goodell portrays the demons as ugly monsters, the goofy gleam in their eyes only partially dampening their scariness, and his humans are mildly grotesque. A dark palette adds to the shiver-inducing effect.”

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History of the Portrait Collection, Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia (American Philosophical Society)

History of the Portrait Collection,
Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia

by Doris Devine Fanelli and Karie Diethorn (American Philosophical Society)
(Paperback, 360 pages, 2001, ISBN: 0871692422, $65.00)

Portrait CollectionThe American Philosophical Society in conjunction with the Independence National Historical Park announces the publication of the first catalog of the portraits in the National Park collection.

Read the Google Preview: Portrait Collection of this book before you purchase it.

These portraits, most of which are exhibited in the Second Bank of the United States, consist of 255 works, 109 of them by Charles Willson Peale. Many are likenesses of heroes of the American Revolution and Founding Fathers of American government, statesmen, jurists, men of science, arts and letters. The collection was enhanced by the addition of the works of notable 18th and 19th Anglo-American artists.

The book is divided into two sections: a history of the collection dividing it chapters covering works pre-1950, 1850-1900 and 1900-1951, and a catalog. Each catalog entry is enhanced with either a black and white or four-color reproduction and contains a physical description of the portrait, a brief biography of the subject, the circumstance of the portrait’s commission and its provenance.

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Miracle on 34th Street: Ornament and Book Gift Set

Miracle on 34th Street: Ornament and Book Gift Set
by Valentine Davies
(Hardcover, 125 pages, 2001, ISBN: 152045759, $17.00)

Miracle on 34th StreetA white-bearded gentleman who appears at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade fills in for an unfit Santa Claus — and is asked to become the store’s resident Santa. This Kris Kringle believes he is Santa, as do children from all over the city, and reindeer at the zoo nearby.

Since its first publication in 1947, this tale has been treasured by generations, making this Academy Award-winning story part of holiday traditions all across America. This facsimile edition faithfully re-creates the first hardcover publication.

Read the Google Preview: Miracle on 34th Street of this book before you purchase it.

A brief historical note, new in this edition, details the simultaneous development of the book and film. Also included in this boxed set is an original keepsake wooden ornament that kindles warm memories — perfect for sharing with new generations of believers.

“Lovingly reproduced to match the original 1947 printing, this handsome hardback edition of Miracle on 34th Street comes in a gift box with a painted wooden tree ornament,” writes in a review.

“[W]hat makes this gift-box edition interesting is a short note describing the book’s production, which happened at a frantic pace–Davies fairly credits director David Seaton for much of the book’s inspiration, and over 400,000 copies were rushed through to premiere simultaneously with the film.

“[F]or that ’40s, old-timey appeal, this gift box can’t be beat — not to mention it being a safe, easy go-to for stuffing stockings and bringing gifts to holiday parties.”

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Book Special: The Three Roosevelts: Patrician Leaders Who Transformed America, Now 60 Percent Off

The Three Roosevelts:
Patrician Leaders Who Transformed America

by James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn
Paperback, 678 pages, 2001, ISBN: 08711317801
List Price: $37,00, OUR PRICE: $15.00

Three RooseveltsIn war and in peace, the 20th century was the Roosevelt century. From Theodore Roosevelt’s Square Deal and battles with the plutocrats of the Gilded Age, to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and wartime leadership, to Eleanor Roosevelt’s pivotal work on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and vital role in the Civil Rights movement, their crusades dramatically reshaped the political and moral landscape of our nation.

Read the Google Preview: Three Roosevelts of this book before you purchase it.

Illuminates the intertwining lives of these leaders who became America’s most powerful advocates for social and economic justice. Explores how Theodore’s example of dynamic leadership would inspire the careers of his distant cousin Franklin and his niece Eleanor. A gripping narrative of three of America’s greatest leaders. Photos.

“In this eloquent book, noted political scientist and biographer Burns demonstrates the masterly use of political psychology to understand both the power of leaders and the dynamic between leaders and followers,” writes Louisiana State University Prof. William D. Pederson in a review for Library Journal.

“Co-written with Dunn, this comparative case study of the Roosevelt political triumvirate applies Burns’s leadership theory to Theodore and Franklin; an extension of his theory is also applied to Eleanor, the unelected member of the trio who was a national and world leader nonetheless.

“Skillfully woven throughout is the influence Abraham Lincoln had on the trio — a thread that gives this work cohesiveness and additional depth. A significant psychological element shared by all three was that they were members of society’s upper crust who came to identify with those given society’s crumbs.”

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Story of Thanksgiving, by Robert Bartlett and Sally Comport

Story of Thanksgiving
by Robert Merrill Bartlett and Sally Wern Comport
(Hardcover, 51 pages, 2001, ISBN: 0060287780, $15.00)

ThanksgivingTurkey and cranberry sauce. Pumpkin pie. Family and friends around the table. That’s what Thanksgiving means to us today. But has it always been this way?

In 1621 the English Pilgrims and the Native American Wampanoags gathered together for a feast. But do you know what they ate and what games they played? And do you know how George Washington and Abraham Lincoln helped make Thanksgiving into the holiday that we know today?

Read the Google Preview: Story of Thanksgiving of this book before you purchase it.

From ancient Greece to medieval England to colonial America, people all over the world have celebrated their good fortune at harvest time. Find out how their traditions have contributed to our modern Thanksgiving. And try your hand at making some delicious pumpkin muffins for your Thanksgiving table! Color illustrations.

Late author Robert Merrill Bartlett lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in a house built in 1660 by his ancestor Pilgrim Robert Bartlett. Ten generations of Barletts have lived in this historic house by the sea.

Dr. Bartlett was a Congregational minister, a teacher, and an author of over 25 books in the field of biography, religion, and history, including “The Pilgrim Way” and “The Faith of the Pilgrims.” He enjoyed sharing the story in this book with his children and grandchildren at Thanksgiving dinners in his Pilgrim house.

“First published in 1965, and reissued now with new illustrations, this is very much the traditional settlers’ view of the Thanksgiving holiday,” writes Booklist in a review. “The late author was a descendant of the original pilgrims and lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in a house built in 1660 by his ancestors. “No one was living in Plymouth, then,” he says.

“[Bartlett] connects the holiday with harvest festivals in Europe, tells of the Puritans who fled religious persecution, and describes the party, which started with the pilgrims and their Wampanoag friends coming together. Comport’s pictures in warm fall colors are energetic and festive, and the book ends with a recipe for pumpkin muffins and the music for ‘Over the River and Through the Woods.'”

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The Hook and The Book: The Emergence of Crochet and Knitting in American Popular Culture, 1840-1876 (Library Company of Philadelphia)

The Hook and The Book: The Emergence of Crochet and Knitting in American Popular Culture, 1840-1876
by Nicole Scalessa (Library Company of Philadelphia)
(Paperback, 46 pages, 2001, ISBN: 0914076981, $15.00)

Hook and BookNicole’s casual interest in old crochet and knitting patterns grew into a mission to search The Library Company’s collections and make available to patrons a comprehensive database of holdings focused on needle crafts and their relationship to the economy of the family, leisure, philanthropy, and manufacturing.

Read the Google Preview: Hook and Book of this book before you purchase it.

Nicole’s research has allowed her to cross-reference a large number of materials on the history of knitting and crochet throughout the 19th century and translate patterns of the period for modern use while uncovering a social history of knitting and crochet in early American culture.

The culmination of her research is presented in both the exhibition and her book “Historic Reflections in Crochet.”

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