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Prayer Flags for Pokhara

Prayer Flags for Pokhara:
A Travelogue of Nepal and the Nagajuna Modern Boarding School

By Dorien van Heerden (Paperback, 15 pages, 2012, $10.00)

Prayer Flags for Pokhara

Join six high school students on a community service trip to Nepal, as they hide through Himalayas, visit cultural sites and volunteer at the Nagajuna Modern Boarding School for poor, refugee and orphan children.

All proceeds from this booklet and related photo exhibition “Journey of Hope” will be donated to The Nagajuna Trust, the British Charity that funds the school. As of spring 2012, the Nagajuna Trust is nearly 75 percent of its fundraising goal of £100,000 for building a new school that would hold 200 students.

About the Author
Dorien van Heerden is a recent graduate of the American International School in Abu Dhabi (’12). Originally from South Africa, she has lived in Abu Dhabi for the past five years. At school, she was a member of the varsity basketball and swim teams, and several clubs. At university, she is considering majoring in science, while continuing to support social justice causes.

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Book Special: Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament (0393304981)

Weekly Book Special: August 9th-15th

August is American Artist Appreciation Month. To commemorate, this week’s book special commemorates Louis Sullivan, one of the 20th century’s greatest architects:

Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament

by David Van Zanten and Robert Twombly; Edited by Wim de Wit
Paperback in original shrinkwrap, 224 pages, ISBN: 393304981
List Price: $35.00, OUR PRICE: $5.95

Louis Sullivan

“This is a catalogue of a retrospective on the renowned American architect Louis Sullivan shown at the Chicago Historical Society, Cooper-Hewitt Museum and The St. Louis Art Museum.

Contemporary architects have rediscovered the role of ornament as a humanizing element in their structures. No one practiced the art of ornamentation better than Sullivan, one of the earliest and most significant designers of the skyscraper.

Sullivan’s genius for integrating form and structure with ornamentation is celebrated here in both contemporary and historical photos and in an enlightening text by leading architectural scholars. Color and black and white photos and drawings.

Our favorite building in the book is the National Farmers Bank in Minnesota (click to enlarge):

“One of the best-designed architecture books to appear in recent memory, handsomely illustrated with a fuller selection of historical views of Sullivan’s work than can be found in any other book now in print,” writes the New York Review of Books. “[S]upplemented by a fine new set of color photographs of Sullivan’s most important surviving buildings.”

This book is discounted only through August 15th. Purchase it for $5.95 (list price $30.00):

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New Government Report: Combating Gangs: Federal Agencies Have Implemented a Central American Gang Strategy, but Could Strengthen Oversight and Measurement of Efforts

Combating Gangs: Federal Agencies Have Implemented a Central American Gang Strategy, but Could Strengthen Oversight and Measurement of Efforts
by Eileen R. Larence (Paperback, 74 pages, 2010, $25)

Thousands of gang members in the U.S. belong to gangs such as MS-13 and 18th Street that are also active in Central American countries. Federal entities with responsibilities for addressing Central American gangs include the National Security Council (NSC); Depts. of Homeland Security (DHS), Justice (DOJ), and State; and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

This report reviewed federal efforts to combat transnational gangs. It addresses (1) the extent to which the federal government has developed a strategy to combat these gangs, and (2) how federal agencies have implemented the strategy and other programs to combat these gangs, coordinated their actions, and assessed their results.

The report examined federal agencies’ antigang plans, resources, and measures; interviewed federal, state, and local officials in seven localities representing varying population sizes and geographic regions; and interviewed U.S. and foreign officials in El Salvador and Guatemala where U.S. agencies have implemented antigang programs. The results of these interviews are not generalizable. Includes recommendations. Figures.

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New Government Report: Managing Coal Combustion Waste (CCW): Issues with Disposal and Waste

Managing Coal Combustion Waste (CCW): Issues with Disposal and Waste
by Linda Luther (Paperback, 26 pages, $20)

In 2008, coal-fired power plants accounted for almost half of the U.S.’ electric power, resulting in as much as 136 millions tons of coal combustion waste (CCW). CCW generally contains a range of heavy metals such as arsenic, beryllium, chromium, lead, and mercury.

While there is the potential for a sudden catastrophic release of waste, the primary concern regarding the management of CCW usually relates to the potential for hazardous constituents to leach into surface or groundwater, and hence contaminate drinking water, surface water, or living organisms.

Contents of this report: (I) Overview of Disposal and Use Issues; (II) The Nature of Coal Combustion Waste; (III) Potential Risks Associated with CCW Management; (IV) Regulatory History and Current Rulemaking: Waste Management Requirements Potentially Related to CCW; CCW’s Regulatory Exemption Under “the Bevill Amendment”; EPA Actions from the Bevill Amendment to Kingston.

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New Government Report: Firms Reported in Open Sources as Having Commercial Activity in Iran’s Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Sectors

Firms Reported in Open Sources as Having Commercial Activity in Iran’s Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Sectors
by Joseph A. Christoff (Paperback, 25 pages, 2010, $20)

Iran’s oil export revenues have accounted for more than 24% of Iran’s GDP and 50%-76% of the Iranian government’s revenues in recent years. Iran has the world’s third largest oil reserves and second largest gas reserves, and is the world’s fourth largest producer of crude oil.

IHS Global Insight reports that Iran’s priorities for the next five years are to (1) raise oil production and exports as much as possible, (2) increase natural gas production for domestic use, and (3) expand refining capacity if financially and technically possible.

Iran prohibits non-Iranian firms from obtaining an ownership interest by investing in oil and gas fields, but allows them to enter into “buy-back” arrangements in which the foreign firms may receive entitlements to oil or gas for a limited time in exchange for the funds they expend on the project.

U.S. law restricts U.S. firms from investing in Iran’s energy sector through a variety of sanctions administered by the Dept. of the Treasury to discourage Iran from supporting terrorism and developing nuclear weapons.

In addition, the Iran Sanctions Act, as amended, provides for sanctions against persons, including foreign firms, who invest more than $20 million in Iran’s energy sector in any 12-month period.

This correspondence (1) provides a list of foreign firms reported in open sources as engaging in commercial activity in Iran’s oil, gas, or petrochemical sectors from 2005 to 2009 and (2) provides information about these sectors. Tables.

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New Government Report: Estimated Financial Effects of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” as Passed by the U.S. Senate on December 24, 2009

Estimated Financial Effects of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” as Passed by the U.S. Senate on December 24, 2009
by Richard S. Foster (Paperback, 37 pages, 2010, $20)

This memorandum summarizes the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s (CMS) Office of the Actuary’s estimates of the financial and coverage effects through FY 2019 of selected provisions of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA) on December 24, 2009 (HR3590, as amended).

Included are the estimated net Federal expenditures in support of expanded health insurance coverage, the associated numbers of people by insured status, the changes in Medicare and Medicaid expenditures and revenues, and the overall impact on total national health expenditures. Charts and tables.

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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to the blog of Diane Publishing Company!

We distribute the most important documents and reports produced by all three branches of the U.S. government — executive, congressional and judicial. Our inventory of more than 25,000 documents is especially strong in the areas of defense, law enforcement, business, agriculture, natural disasters, education, the environment, energy, housing, intelligence agencies, and medicine and health. All reports are printed on demand, and are kept in print forever.

We also distribute over 7,000 new, but out-of-print, non-fiction books from publishers worldwide.

In addition, you can find the publications and prints from our Philadelphia-area nonprofit affiliates: Academy of Natural Sciences, American Philosophical Society, American Swedish Historical Museum, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Christ Church Philadelphia, Friends of Franklin, Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, John Heinz Wildlife Center, Library Company of Philadelphia and the Rosenbach Museum and Library.

Check this blog for our weekly discounted book specials!

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