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New Government Report: Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations

Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations
by Christopher M. Blanchard
Paperback, 51 pages, 2009, $30.00
ISBN: 1437928382

Contents: (I) Recent Developments; (II) Background: Saudi Arabia’s Political Development; Saudi-U.S. Relations, 1931-2001; September 11, 2001, and its Aftermath; The 9/11 Commission Report; Saudi Responses; Recent Assessments; Terrorist Financing Concerns; Toward a New Relationship?; New Bilateral Agreements;

(III) Recent Congressional Interest in Saudi Arabia: U.S. Foreign Assistance to Saudi Arabia and Congressional Prohibitions; International Military Education and Training (IMET); Counterterrorism Assistance; Prohibitions on Foreign Assistance; FY2010 Appropriations Debate; U.S. Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia; Background; Criticism and Action in the 110th Congress; BAE Corruption Inquiry;

(IV) Current Issues in U.S.-Saudi Relations; U.S.-Saudi Military Cooperation: U.S. Military Training Mission in Saudi Arabia (USMTM); Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization Program (PM-SANG); Office of Program Mgt. Ministry of Interior – Facilities Security Forces (OPM MOI-FSF); Counterterrorism; Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; Combating Extremism; The Arab-Israeli Conflict; Saudi-Palestinian Relations; Saudi Peace Proposals; Iraq;Saudi Policy Priorities in Iraq; Saudi-Iraqi Diplomatic and Economic Relations; Economic Relations and Trade; U.S.-Saudi Trade; U.S. Oil Imports and Saudi Policy; U.S.-Saudi Foreign Direct Investment; Saudi Boycott of Israel and WTO Membership; Human Rights, Religious Freedom, and Political Reform; Political Reform Debates and Elections; Leadership and Succession; Social Reform Debates and Recent Leadership Changes; Human Rights; Religious Freedom; Consular Issues;

(V) Further Reading and Historical Resources; Appendix A. Recent Proposed Arms Sales; Appendix B. Text of Saudi Peace Initiatives. Figures.

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Weekly Book Special: Horse of a Different Color: A Tale of Breeding Geniuses, Dominant Females, and the Fastest Derby Winner Since Secretariat (on Jim Squires and his 2001 Kentucky Derby winner Monarchos)

Weekly Book Special: April 19th-25th

The 136th Kentucky Derby horse race is on May 1st. Do you have the perfect gift for your Derby party? This week’s book special is:

Horse of a Different Color: A Tale of Breeding Geniuses, Dominant Females, and the Fastest Derby Winner Since Secretariat
By Jim Squires (Hardcover, 300 pages, 2002, $26.00)

Horse of a Different ColorWhen former Chicago Tribune newspaper editor Jim Squires became a horse breeder in bluegrass Kentucky, no one believed he would making a living. But Squires had been raising horses for 20 years, including equine athletes.

This is Squires’s rollicking tale of how a novice in the world of Kentucky horse culture did more than merely stay in business: he brought together the stallion and mare who produced Monarchos, the colt who won the 2001 Kentucky Derby.

Read a sample of this book on Google Preview before you purchase it.

Squires lays bare the close-knit and secretive world of the thoroughbred community, tweaking the self-important owners at the Keeneland and Saratoga auctions, and skewering the preening trainers at Churchill Downs and Gulfstream Park. Black and white photos.

“The idea that I could get one all the way to the Kentucky Derby is strictly a fairy tale, and someone with a greater understanding of life than I have will have to explain how I bred him,” Squires told PBS Online NewsHour.

“John Steinbeck once went [to the Kentucky Derby], and he said it was an emotion, turbulence, one of the most satisfying experiences he’d ever had in life,” Squires continues. “And if you’re there watching the race, it’s a time when time stands still. There is no past. There is no future. There is only now.”

“Squires weaves a spellbinding tale of millionaire owners, trainers, and auction houses,” writes Library Journal. “It is a journey of great frustration, doubt, hope, and, more than anything, enormous good luck when a Derby prospect can be noticed, trained appropriately, and prevented from career-ending injury.”

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