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New Government Report: Sovereign Debt (SD) in Advanced Economies

Sovereign Debt (SD) in Advanced Economies: Overview and Issues for Congress

by Rebecca M. Nelson
Paperback, 31 pages, 2011, $20.00
ISBN: 1437987109

SD, also called public debt or government debt, refers to debt incurred by governments. Since the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, public debt in advanced economies has increased substantially. A number of factors related to the financial crisis have fueled the increase, including fiscal stimulus packages, the nationalization of private-sector debt, and lower tax revenue. Even if economic growth reverses some of these trends, aging populations in advanced economies are expected to strain government debt levels in coming years. Contents of this report: Definition and Concepts; Trends in SD; Addressing High Debt Levels; Is the U.S. Headed for a Eurozone-Style Debt Crisis?; Implications for the U.S. Economy; U.S. Bank Exposure Overseas.

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New Government Report: Overview of the Federal Debt

Overview of the Federal Debt

by D. Andrew Austin
Paperback, 24 pages, 2011, $20.00
ISBN: 1437986570

The size of current and projected fed. deficits and the accumulation of federal debt (FD) are central to current congressional deliberations regarding fiscal reforms. Here is a broad overview of the FD, annual budget deficits, and debt service costs. FD is the accumulated sum of unrepaid borrowing by the federal government. The total FD consists of debt held by the public and intra-governmental debt. Debt owed to the public represents borrowing from state and local governments, foreign governments and investors, the Federal Reserve System, and foreign central banks, as well as private investors. Contents of this report: Structure of the FD; Deficits, Debt, and Interest Costs; Holdings of FD; What is the “Best” Measure of FD. Charts and tables. This is a print on demand report.

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New Government Report: Japan’s 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

Mortgage Foreclosures: Documentation Problems Reveal Need for Ongoing Regulatory Oversight

by Dick K. Nanto
Paperback, 17 pages, 2011, $20.00
ISBN: 143798505x

The March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan followed by the nuclear crisis are having a large negative impact on the economy of Japan but a lesser effect on world trade and financial markets. U.S. interest on the economic side centers on humanitarian concerns, radioactive fallout reaching the U.S., the impact on U.S. citizens and American co. in Japan, the effects on trade and supply chain disruptions, and increased volatility in Japanese and U.S. financial markets, interest rates, and the yen-dollar exchange rate. Contents of this report: Overview; Economic Impact: Manufacturing; Financial and Currency Markets; Implications for the U.S.-Japan Economic Relationship. Charts and tables. This is a print on demand report.

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