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New Government Report: Mortgage Foreclosures

Mortgage Foreclosures: Documentation Problems Reveal Need for Ongoing Regulatory Oversight

by Harold W. Geisel
Paperback, 77 pages, 2011, $25.00
ISBN: 1437985416

Mortgage servicers — entities that manage home mortgage loans — halted foreclosures throughout the country in September 2010, finding that documents required to be provided to courts in some states may have been improperly signed or notarized. In addition, academics and court cases are raising questions over whether foreclosures are being brought properly because of concerns over how loans were transferred into mortgage-backed securities. This report examined: (1) the extent to which federal laws address mortgage servicers’ foreclosure procedures and federal agencies’ past oversight; (2) federal agencies’ current oversight and future oversight plans; and (3) the potential impact of these issues on involved parties. Illus. A print on demand report.

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