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New Government Report: Immigration of Foreign Workers: Labor Market Tests and Protections

Immigration of Foreign Workers: Labor Market Tests and Protections
By Ruth Ellen Wasem (Paperback, 29 pages, 2010, $20)

The legalization of foreign workers has been a hot-button topic in the country, especially over the past several months. According to the Washington Times:

Businesses say they need to make sure they can get access to foreign workers because there are jobs Americans won’t take. But labor unions fear such a program would depress wages for American workers, and in the current economy, with unemployment hovering at 10 percent, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said a new temporary-worker program “would be political suicide.”

This report’s contents: (I) Introduction: Key Elements; Brief History of Labor Certification; (II) Permanent Employment-based Admissions: LPR Labor Certification Process; Program Electronic Review Management (PERM); (III) Temporary Employment-Based Admissions: Overview: Temporary Workers; Multinational Executive and Specialist Employees and International Investors; Cultural Exchange; Outstanding and Extraordinary; Religious Workers; Trends in Temporary Employment-Based Visas; Labor Market Tests for Workers on H Visas: H-1B Visas and Labor Attestations; H-2A Visas and Labor Certification; Required Benefits for H-2A Workers: H-2B Visas and Labor Certifications;

(IV) Investigating and Enforcing LCAs; (V) Resources for Foreign Labor Certification: Funding the LCA Approval Process; Funding the LCA Enforcement Activities; (VI) Selected Issues: Unemployment Statistics and Other Economic Triggers; Global Competition for Talent; Certification Versus Attestation; Protections for U.S. Workers; Fraudulent Claims; Enforcement Tool; Small Business Concerns; Subcontractors and Multinational Companies; (VII) Conclusion. Figures and tables.

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New Governent Report: Foreign Science and Engineering Presence in U.S. Institutions and the Labor Force

Foreign Science and Engineering Presence in U.S. Institutions and the Labor Force
Edited by Christine M. Matthews (Paperback, 18 pages, 2010, $15)

The increased presence of foreign students in graduate science and engineering (S&E) programs and in the scientific workforce has been and continues to be of concern.

“White, non-Hispanic students accounted for 71% of all U.S. citizens and permanent residents enrolled in 2000, as compared with 66% in 2007,” reports Information Week. “Unlike graduate student enrollment, where U.S. citizens and permanent residents represent the majority, the majority of postdoctoral appointments (58%) went to temporary visa holders in 2007. Google and other technology companies have argued that more H-1B visas need to be issued so they can hire highly qualified foreign-born workers.”

Enrollment of U.S. citizens in graduate S&E programs has not kept pace with that of foreign students in those programs. In addition to the number of foreign students in graduate S&E programs, a significant number of university faculty in the scientific disciplines are foreign, and foreign doctorates are employed in large numbers by industry.

Contents of this report: Foreign Students in U.S. Institutions; Participation Rates in S&E; Support of Foreign Students in Grad. School; Perceived Benefits and Problems; Foreign Scientists and Engineers in the U.S. Labor Force; Policy Implications. Illustrations.

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