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New Government Report: Immigration of Foreign Workers: Labor Market Tests and Protections

Immigration of Foreign Workers: Labor Market Tests and Protections
By Ruth Ellen Wasem (Paperback, 29 pages, 2010, $20)

The legalization of foreign workers has been a hot-button topic in the country, especially over the past several months. According to the Washington Times:

Businesses say they need to make sure they can get access to foreign workers because there are jobs Americans won’t take. But labor unions fear such a program would depress wages for American workers, and in the current economy, with unemployment hovering at 10 percent, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said a new temporary-worker program “would be political suicide.”

This report’s contents: (I) Introduction: Key Elements; Brief History of Labor Certification; (II) Permanent Employment-based Admissions: LPR Labor Certification Process; Program Electronic Review Management (PERM); (III) Temporary Employment-Based Admissions: Overview: Temporary Workers; Multinational Executive and Specialist Employees and International Investors; Cultural Exchange; Outstanding and Extraordinary; Religious Workers; Trends in Temporary Employment-Based Visas; Labor Market Tests for Workers on H Visas: H-1B Visas and Labor Attestations; H-2A Visas and Labor Certification; Required Benefits for H-2A Workers: H-2B Visas and Labor Certifications;

(IV) Investigating and Enforcing LCAs; (V) Resources for Foreign Labor Certification: Funding the LCA Approval Process; Funding the LCA Enforcement Activities; (VI) Selected Issues: Unemployment Statistics and Other Economic Triggers; Global Competition for Talent; Certification Versus Attestation; Protections for U.S. Workers; Fraudulent Claims; Enforcement Tool; Small Business Concerns; Subcontractors and Multinational Companies; (VII) Conclusion. Figures and tables.

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