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Defense Department Cyber Efforts: DoD Faces Challenges in Its Cyber Activities

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by Davi D’Agostino, Greg Wilshusen
Paperback, 79 pages, 2011, $25.00
ISBN: 9781437989281

The DoD is in the midst of a global cyberspace crisis as foreign nation states and other actors, such as hackers, criminals, terrorists, and activists exploit DoD and other U.S. government computer networks to further a variety of national, ideological, and personal objectives.

This report identifies: (1) how DoD is organized to address cybersecurity threats; and assesses the extent to which DoD has: (2) developed joint doctrine that addresses cyberspace oeprations; (3) assigned command and control responsibilities; and (4) identified and taken actions to mitigate any key capability gaps involving cyberspace operations.

It is an unclassified version of a previously issued classified report. Charts and tables. This is a print on demand report.

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New Government Report: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: Continued Attention Needed to Protect Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Federal Information Systems: Congressional Testimony

by Gregory C. Wilshusen
Paperback, 16 pages, 2011, $15.00
ISBN: 1437984398

Discusses the cyber threats to critical infrastructure and the American economy. Pervasive and sustained cyber attacks against the U.S. continue to pose a potentially devastating impact on federal and non-federal systems and operations. In Feb. 2011, the Director of National Intelligence testified that, in the past year, there had been a dramatic increase in malicious cyber activity targeting U.S. computers and networks, including a more than tripling of the volume of malicious software since 2009. This testimony describes: (1) cyber threats to cyber-reliant critical infrastructures and federal information systems; and (2) the continuing challenges federal agencies face in protecting the nation’s cyber-reliant critical infrastructures and federal systems. A print on demand report.

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