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New Government Report: Iraq’s Debt Relief

Iraq’s Debt Relief: Procedure and Potential Implications for International Debt Relief

by Martin A. Weiss
Paperback, 17 pages, 2008, $15.00
ISBN: 143727246

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Following the ouster of the Saddam Hussein regime in spring 2003, Iraq’s external debt was $130 billion. Reducing this debt to a sustainable level has been a priority of the U.S. government. Since 2003, debt relief negotiations have led to the cancellation of a significant amount of Iraq’s external debt. Contents of this report: (1) Iraq’s External Debt: Paris Club Debt Claims; Non-Paris Club Debt Claims; Commercial Debt Claims; (2) The Debt Relief Effort: Paris Club Debt Relief; Evian Approach; Iraq’s Paris Club Agree.; Non-Paris Club Debt Relief; Commercial Debt Relief; (3) Potential Policy Precedents for International Debt Relief: Granting a Stay on the Enforcement of Creditor Rights; Flexibility of Paris Club Agree.; Implementing an Odious Debt Strategy. Illustrations.

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New Government Report: Joint Strike Fighter

Joint Strike Fighter: Restructuring Places Program on Firmer Footing, but Progress Still Lags

by Michael Sullivan
Paperback, 52 pages, 2011, $25.00
ISBN: 1437984274

The F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), is the Dept. of Defense’s (DoD) most costly and ambitious aircraft acquisition, seeking to simultaneously develop and field three aircraft variants for the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and eight international partners. The JSF is critical for recapitalizing tactical air forces and will require a long-term commitment to very large annual funding outlays. The current estimated investment is $382 billion to develop and procure 2,457 aircraft. This report discusses: (1) program cost and schedule changes and their implications on affordability; (2) progress made during 2010; (3) design and manufacturing maturity; and (4) test plans and progress. Charts and tables. This is a print on demand report.

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New Government Report: Suicide Prevention Among Veterans

Suicide Prevention Among Veterans
by Ramya Sundararaman, Sidath Viranga Panangala and Sarah A. Lister
Paperback, 13 pages, 2009, $10.00
ISBN: 1437939651

Numerous news stories have documented suicides among servicemembers and vets returning from Iraqi and Afghanistan. The VA has carried out a number of suicide prevention initiatives, including: establishing a national suicide prevention hotline for vets, conducting awareness events at VA medical centers, and screening and assessing vets for suicide risk.

Contents of this report: Intro.; Data Systems for Tracking Suicide; Suicide in the U.S. General Pop’n.: Incidence of Suicide; Risk and Protective Factors; Suicide Among Vets: Incidence of Suicide; Risk and Protective Factors; Effects of PTSD, TBI, and Depression on Suicide Risk; VA’s Suicide Prevention Efforts: Mental Health; Strategic Plan; Suicide Awareness; Screening; Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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