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Elin’s Amerika by Marguerite de Angeli (American Swedish Historical Museum)

Elin’s Amerika (Revised, 3rd Ed.)
by Marguerite de Angeli
American Swedish Historical Museum
(Paperback, 98 pages, 2007, $16.00, ISBN: 0980076102)

Elin's AmerikaAward-winning children’s author Marguerite de Angeli tells the story of Elin, a young girl who has come to live in the New Sweden Colony.

She helps us envision how these many different peoples — Swedes, Finns, Lenape, Minquas (Susquehannock), Dutch and British related to one another.

Elin’s search for friendship, love of family, and anticipation of celebrations seem familiar. Her isolation from other children, lack of basic things, and the daily routine of chores may seem quite unfamiliar.

New Sweden was established in 1638, under the guidance of Peter Minuit, when Swedish colonists were sent to the New World to claim lands in the area around the Delaware River in southeastern PA and south NJ. For ages 8-12. Illustrations.

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New Government Report: New York City Child Fatality Report (2010) (ISBN: 9781437936346)

New York City Child Fatality Report (2010) (ISBN: 9781437936346)
By Laura DiGrande
(Paperback, 35 pages, 2010, $25.00)

In 2006, New York City (NYC) established a multi-disciplinary Child Fatality Review Team to examine unnatural deaths in children ages one through 12 and to identify strategies for prevention. Past reports have described the predominant causes of fatal child injury in NYC including traffic crashes, fire and burns, and unintentional injuries in the home.

This 4th report analyzes individual and neighborhood disparities in fatal childhood injuries. These findings show that fatal injuries occur disproportionately among younger children, boys, black non-Hispanic children, and children in the City’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

This report identifies social, environmental, and regulatory measures that could make NYC an even safer place for children. Illustrations.

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Weekly Book Special: Mystery of the Russian Ruby: A Pop-Up Whodunit (ISBN: 0525452745)

Weekly Book Special: July 13th-July 19th

Recently Russian spies were caught in the United States. Solve your own Russian mystery with this week’s special:

Mystery of the Russian Ruby:
A Pop-up Whodunit

Written and Illustrated by Iain Smyth.
Hardcover no dustjacket, 12 pages. ISBN: 0525452745
List Price: $17.00, Lowest Price: $19.07, OUR PRICE: $9.95

Russian RubyCalling all detectives: Welcome to the Mystery of the Russian Ruby — a pop-up whodunit with three different endings! Who has stolen the priceless jewel? Lift flaps to reveal hidden clues and secret facts to help you find the thief.

There are six suspects: Angelica, Countess Wilby, Major Stropp, Tilly the Maid, Professor Proudfoot and Spencer the Butler. There are six clues: a blow dart, an insurance policy, a dagger, a bottle of sleeping lotion, a manual on cracking safes and the library key.

By turning a wheel, you can solve this shocking crime once — twice — three times!

Our favorite spread is the final page detailing “The Suspects” (click to enlarge):

The Suspects“This wonderful book has many moving pictures and characters that surround the castle,” writes Nadia Herbish in Ukrainian on her “My Easel” arts and culture blog. She gave it as a gift, and “it attracted all the children [of] guests who visited our house.”

“Each of the six spreads yields enough clues, in fact, to delight [Detective Sherlock] Holmes himself,” writes Publisher’s Weekly in a review.

“Top Secret dossiers on each character can be slid out of the pages, while various flaps and pull-tabs reveal hidden architectural passages, concealed weaponry, and contraband lurking in various valises. Aspiring sleuths will echo the cry, ‘Egad, the game’s afoot.'”

This book is discounted only through July 19th.
Purchase it for $9.95 (list price $17.00):

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Weekly Book Special: July 4th Children’s Book: Building Liberty: A Statue is Born (ISBN: 0792269691)

Weekly Book Special: June 22nd-June 28th

The Fourth of July celebrates American independence, and this week’s special tells the story of the Statue of Liberty — a gift from the French people to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American independence:

Building Liberty: A Statue Is Born
Written and Illustrated by Serge Hochain
(Hardcover with reinforced library binding, 46 pages, 2003, $25.00)
Building Liberty

Did you know that Statue of Liberty did not begin her life in New York?

The extraordinary construction of the Statue of Liberty began in France in 1875, and with the work of many people, was completed 11 years later on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in New York.

Join a cross-Atlantic adventure with four boys — Italian construction worker Leo, French sailor Fanch, African-American newsboy Benjamin and Irish ironworker Angus — as they help to build one of the world’s most famous landmarks.

Also includes a step-by-step illustrated history of the statue’s creation (with captions) from Bartholdi’s sketch pad to its completion.

Our favorite illustration is when the Statue of Liberty is unveiled in Paris (click to enlarge):
Building Liberty: Statue Unveiled in Paris

“This is a great little book,” writes Social Studies for Kids. “The illustrations are amazing in their depth and choice of color. The book also showcases the difficulties young boys and their families faced in the late 19th century in America and in France. There are many excellent details that leave the reader knowing much more than the average American about how the statue came to be.”

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Weekly Book Special: Alice in Pop-Up Wonderland by J. Otto Seibold

March 1st-7th Weekly Half-Off Book Special

In movie theaters this week is the film Alice in Wonderland. Our book special this week is an amazing visual retelling of the classic Lewis Carroll tale:

Alice in (Pop-Up) Wonderland
Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll, Illustrated by J. Otto Seibold, Paper engineering by James R. Diaz
(Hardcover no dustjacket, 12 pages, 2003, $20.00)

Alice in (Pop-Up) Wonderland

J. Otto Seibold‘s ‘super dimensional’ Alice, which he both designed and illustrated, plunges children into a psychedelic universe,” writes Booklist‘s Jennifer Mattson.

“The pops conceived by Seibold and paper engineer James R. Diaz are a lot of fun. Each spread contains a dizzying array of devices and effects, including a particularly clever rendering of the vanishing Cheshire cat.” (Hardcover, 12 pages, with full-color pop-up illustrations, in shrink-wrap.)

Watch the trailer for Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter below:

“If you are looking to have a crazy Alice experience and be surprised and excited with every turn of the page,” writes Julia Rothman on the Book By Its Cover blog, “then pick up a copy.”

“This just might be the coolest pop-up book ever!” writes children’s fashion blogger Sweet Pepita. “This book is technically astounding and, of course, the illustrations are awesome.” View great photos of the book on a Japanese blog that covers children’s pop-ups. Scholastic has also made a cool flash animation based on the book.

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Weekly Book Special for Winter Olympics: Ice Skating School

February 22nd-28th Weekly Half-Off Book Special

To commemorate the Winter Olympics, we are offering a wonderful illustrated book about ice skating. This week’s special is:

Ice Skating School
Written by Naia Bray-Moffatt, Photographs by David Handley
(Hardcover, 47 pages, 2004, $20.00)

Cover of Ice Skating School

This enchanting guide to the world of figure skating follows a class of young skaters from their first steps on the ice to the thrilling moment they take part in a performance.

Aspiring skaters will be introduced to the basic movements and techniques involved in skating, as they learn how to move forwards and backwards, and to jump, spin and turn.

Young readers will see how much fun skating can be, as well as the hard work and dedication needed to succeed.

My favorite scene is when Lilly and James learn how to jump on the ice
(click the image to enlarge):
Lilly and James Learn How to Jump on the Ice
“Lilly, a cherubic skater, guides children through the stages of training as she helps a younger friend at her first lesson,” writes Jennifer Mattson on Booklist. “[She also] practices with her own class (which includes two enthusiastic boys); receives a tutorial from an older student; and, finally, performs in her own end-of-session show.”

This book has been made with the help of students from The School of Figure Skating, Lee Valley Ice Centre, Leyton and The Ice Rink, Alexandra Palace, both in London, U.K.

Acclaimed children’s photographer David Handley‘s shot the stunningly crisp full-color photos. Naia Bray-Moffatt, who has also authored “Ballet School” and “I Love Gymnastics,” wrote the lively text. Together they inspire young readers everywhere to turn their dreams of ice skating into reality.

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Weekly Book Special: Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln, by Mike Reiss and David Catrow

February 15th-21st Weekly Book Special

To commemorate President’s Day, we are offering a wonderful children’s book about a boy who bore a close resemblance to our 16th President. This week’s special is:

The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln
Written by Mike Reiss, Illustrated by David Catrow
(Hardcover, 29 pages, 2003, $11.00)

Boy Who Looked Like LincolnLife isn’t easy for Benjy. He looks just like Abraham Lincoln — right down to the wart and beard. He receives stovepipe hats for every birthday and has to play Lincoln in every school play — whether he’s part of the story or not. The teasing never stops.

But then he spends a summer at Camp What-cha-ma-call-it — for Kids Who Look Like Things! There, among kids who look like frogs, toasters and even the backside of a horse, Benjy learns some important lessons about himself — and the things that truly make a person special.

My favorite scene is when Benjy has to play Lincoln in every school play:
Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln

Author Mike Reiss, who writes for The Simpsons and illustrator David Catrow have created a wonderfully hysterical fable that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt a little different.

This book is a staff favorite at President Lincoln’s Cottage in Washington D.C. Venus Musgrove, a grad student in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Hamline University, recently named David Catrow her “Illustrator of the Week.”

Educator Kim Taylor writes on her blog: “This would be a great book to read aloud. The pictures are very colorful and full of lots of detail. This would be a great way to teach students a lesson about being proud of who they are and knowing what makes them special.”

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