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New Government Report: U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement

U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement: Passenger Vehicle Sector Update

by Brian Allen
Paperback, 52 pages, 2011, $25.00
ISBN: 1437984363

On Feb. 10, 2011, the U.S. and the Rep. of Korea (Korea) exchanged the legal texts reflecting the agreement they concluded on Dec. 3, 2010, to modify certain provisions of the 2007 U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) regarding the passenger vehicle sector. These texts (AA) are to provide additional market access for U.S. exports to Korea, in particular by addressing non-tariff measures (NTMs) affecting U.S. exports. This report focuses on the impact of the AA and provides additional analysis of the effects of the reduction or removal of NTMs. U.S. exports of passenger vehicles to Korea would likely rise significantly in the long term under the provisions of the 2007 FTA as modified by the AA. Illus. A print on demand report.

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New Government Report: Long Passage to Korea: Black Sailors and the Integration of the US Navy

Long Passage to Korea: Black Sailors and the Integration of the US Navy
by Bernard C. Nalty
Paperback, 48 pages, 2003, $20.00
ISBN: 9781437936704

Long Passage to Korea Cover

This monograph in the Naval Historical Center’s series commemorating the Korean War, not only covers the contribution of African American Sailors in that conflict but traces the story of racial integration in the U.S. Navy since the American Revolution.

Truman's Executive Order 9981

Truman's Executive Order 9981

Read more on President Harry Truman’s Executive Order 9981, which eliminated segregation in the military (click to enlarge):

Author Bernard Nalty is a renowned authority on racial integration of the armed services.

Chapters: Introduction; The Early Republic; Filling the Ranks; From Slavery to Jim Crow; World War II Experience; Into the Cold War; and Impact of the Korean War. Sidebars: The Impressment of Black Sailors; Robert A. Smalls; The March on Washington; African Americans in the U.S. Coast Guard; President Truman’s Executive Order 9981; and Black Sports Heroes of the Korean War. Full-color illustrations.

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