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Weekly Book Special: Ultimate Coffee Guide, Now 30 Percent Off

Weekly Book Special: August 24th-August 30th

This is the last week for our hardworking research intern Laura, who, as a globetrotting coffee connoisseur, chose this week’s book special:

Follow a Bean from Tree to Cup
and Learn the Art of Preparing Good Coffee

by Philippe Boe, Paperback, 125 pages
List Price: $14.00, OUR PRICE: $9.95
Coffee Cover

This concise book tells you everything about coffee: its journey from its native Ethiopia to the 17th-century coffee houses of Europe; facts, figures and quotes to whet your appetite; how coffee is manufactured, the perfect cup, storage and utensils; coffee’s effects on the body; and recipes for coffee and for dishes using coffee.

You will also learn about the 73 species of coffee tree, only two of which are cultivated — arabica and canephora; coffee and the economies of the developing world; how to appreciate coffee like wine; and useful web sites addresses.

Beautiful color images show coffee drinkers around the world, from Italy to Vienna and Colombia to Colorado. Translated from the French edition.

Laura’s favorite section is “Coffee Around the World” (click to enlarge):
Coffee Around the World

“I like this book because it has a wide range of recipes, photos and fun facts — it’s more than just a cookbook,” Laura says. “I just spent the semester in Florence, and you have to know the proper coffee to drink during the day. This book has those kinds of details, and more.”

This book is discounted only through August 30th. Purchase it for $9.95 (list price $14.00):

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The Hook and The Book: The Emergence of Crochet and Knitting in American Popular Culture, 1840-1876 (Library Company of Philadelphia)

The Hook and The Book: The Emergence of Crochet and Knitting in American Popular Culture, 1840-1876
by Nicole Scalessa (Library Company of Philadelphia)
(Paperback, 46 pages, 2001, ISBN: 0914076981, $15.00)

Hook and BookNicole’s casual interest in old crochet and knitting patterns grew into a mission to search The Library Company’s collections and make available to patrons a comprehensive database of holdings focused on needle crafts and their relationship to the economy of the family, leisure, philanthropy, and manufacturing.

Read the Google Preview: Hook and Book of this book before you purchase it.

Nicole’s research has allowed her to cross-reference a large number of materials on the history of knitting and crochet throughout the 19th century and translate patterns of the period for modern use while uncovering a social history of knitting and crochet in early American culture.

The culmination of her research is presented in both the exhibition and her book “Historic Reflections in Crochet.”

Purchase this book for $15.00:
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