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New Government Report: African American Members of the United States Congress: 1870-2009 (ISBN: 1437929044)

African American Members of the United States Congress: 1870-2009 (ISBN: 1437929044)
By Jennifer E. Manning and Colleen J. Shogan
(Paperback, 63 pages, 2010, $25)

In 2010, there are at least 32 African-Americans running for Congress this year as Republicans, and many more as Democrats, reports the New York Times.

Contents of this report: (1) Introduction: Historical Overview of African Americans in Congress; African American Firsts in Congress; Length of Service; How African Americans Enter Congress; (2) African American Members in Leadership Positions; (3) Congressional Black Caucus: Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Ending Apartheid in South Africa; Humanitarian Aid to Haiti; (4) Tables and Data; (5) Alphabetical Listing of African American Members, Selected Biographical Information, and Committee Assignments During Their Tenure in Office. Charts and tables.

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Weekly Book Special: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Knock at Midnight, Book of Speeches

Weekly Book Special: January 18th-24th

Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
Edited by Clayborne Carson and Peter Holloran
(Hardcover, 234 pages, 1998, $20.00)

This week we commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with “A Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.” — a book of 11 of the civil rights leader’s most powerful and spiritual sermons.

This book contains the texts of his sermons — ranging from his earliest to his last one, delivered just days before his assassination. Includes his famous “The American Dream” speech, and seven sermons never before seen in print.

Especially featured are the titular sermon, among Dr. King’s most challenging, and seven sermons never before seen in print. Click on the YouTube clip below (opens in a new window) to listen to “A Knock at Midnight” — in which he talks about the personal hardships he has faced as a result of fighting for justice:

Eleven renowned ministers and theologians of our time, including Rev. Billy Graham, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Bishop T.D. Jakes, provide compelling introductions. Here they share their personal reflections on the sermons and firsthand accounts of the events surrounding their delivery.

“These are masterpieces of theological literature from one of the world’s great orators,” writes Uma Kukathas, an author of civil rights books.“Each sermon is a jewel of literary artistry, as it presents a simple problem, examines its complications, and offers a startling and often challenging resolution.”

Blogger Jesse Caron calls it “an amazing read,” saying: “Mr. King is an amazing communicator clearly and his messages are very biblically based in my estimation.” Brandon George, another blogger, adds: “It’s very much inspiring!”

“This set of Dr. King’s sermons/speeches is a dream come true,” writes Dr. Arthur Dunklin. Dunklin is a college professor who has written several books on African-American history. “I’m really glad I purchased these.”

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