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Weekly Book Special: Food for the Vegetarian: Traditional Lebanese Recipes (ISBN: 1566561051)

Weekly Book Special: July 20th-July 26th

This is the last day for Jonathan Fritz, our outstanding marketing associate. For this week’s book special, he chose a wholesome vegetarian cookbook. He says: “As a vegetarian who loves to cook, I can tell you these recipes are easy-to-make and delicious.”

Food for the Vegetarian:
Traditional Lebanese Recipes

By Aida Karaoglan (Paperback, 167 pages, ISBN: 1566561051)
List Price: $16.00, Lowest Price: $11.00, OUR PRICE: $5.95
Food for the Vegetarian

Lebanon’s cuisine draws from a culinary history truly unlike any other in the world. This healthy and wholesome diet is a reflection of Lebanon’s unique interaction with Babylonians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Byzantines, Turks, and more recently, Europeans.

This tantalizing collection of more than 200 vegetarian recipes — passed down from mother to daughter, generation after generation — has been carefully collected from the rural villages of Lebanon, patiently tested and adapted to Western kitchens.

Accompanied by more than 30 full-color photographs, these tempting and delicious dishes are straightforward and easy to prepare. Also includes detailed descriptions of Lebanese cooking’s food groups and ingredients.

Jonathan’s favorite recipe is for burghul, a wholesome and delicious wheat base (click to enlarge):

“Aida Karaoglan has put together a fabulous collection of delectable vegetarian dishes,” writes noted cookbook author Paula Wolfert. “You can almost smell the fragrant spices while leafing through the pages. I will cherish this book.”

Sam and Sam Clark, owners of the award-winning Moorish restaurant “Moro” in London, have ranked this book among their Top 10 Cookbooks. “Vegetable cooking of the Islamic regions of Mediterranean is some of the most enlightened in the world – and this book helped open our eyes.”

This book is discounted only through July 26th. Purchase it for $5.95 (list price $16.00):

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