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New Government Report: Protecting Classified Information (CI) and the Rights of Criminal Defendants

Protecting Classified Information (CI) and the Rights of Criminal Defendants: The Classified Information Procedures Act

by Edward Liu, Todd Garvey
Paperback, 11 pages, 2011, $10.00
ISBN: 1437984312

A criminal prosecution involving CI may cause tension between the government’s interest in protecting CI and the criminal defendant’s right to a constitutionally valid trial. In some cases, a defendant may threaten to disclose CI in an effort to gain leverage. Concerns about this practice, referred to as “graymail,” led Congress to enact the Classified Info. Procedures Act (CIPA) to provide uniform procedures for prosecutions involving CI. Contents of this report: Background; The CIPA: Pretrial Conferences, Required Notice, and Appeals; Protective Orders and Security Clearances; Discovery: Brady and Jencks Material; Depositions; Admissibility of CI: Substitutions; Confrontation Clause and the Silent Witness Rule. A print on demand report.

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New Government Report: Consumer Action Handbook, 2010 Edition

Consumer Action Handbook: 2010 Edition
Edited by Stephen R. Leeds (Paperback, 169 pages, 2010, $30)

Part I — Be A Savvy Consumer: Buyer Beware; Banking; Cars; Credit; Financing Your Education; Employment; Food and Nutrition; Health Care; Housing; Insurance; Internet; Investing; Phones; Privacy Protection and Identity Theft; Smart Home Shopping; Telemarketing and Unwanted Mail; Travel; TV; Wills and Funerals.

Part II — Filing a Complaint: Contact the Seller; Contact Third Parties; Sample Complaint Letter: Dispute Resolution Programs; Small Claims Court; Legal Help and Information; Report Fraud and Safety Hazard.

Part III — Key Information Resources: For Teachers; For Persons with Disabilities; For Military Personnel.

Part IV — Consumer Assistance Directory. Illustrations.

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