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New Government Report: Limiting Central Government Budget Deficits

Limiting Central Government Budget Deficits: International Experiences

by James K. Jackson
Paperback, 21 pages, 2011, $20.00
ISBN: 1437983073

The global financial crisis and economic recession spurred governments to boost fiscal expenditures to stimulate economic growth and to provide capital injections to support their financial sectors. The surge in fiscal spending, combined with a loss of revenue, has caused government deficit spending to rise sharply when measured as a share of GDP and increased the overall level of public debt. Budget deficits likely will stabilize, but are not expected to fall appreciably for some time. Contents of this report: Overview and Background; Austerity Measures in Europe; Impact on Gov’t. Budgets; Fiscal Consolidation: Country Efforts; Recent EU Austerity Measures; Budget Rules; Budget Rules in Europe: The Stability and Growth Pact. A print on demand report.

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Get a Recession-Busting Discount on The Art of the Market, Now 60% Off

Weekly Book Special: October 19th-October 25th

The United States economy has gone through some lean periods but, given time, it always seems to bounce back. However rough today’s economic seas may feel, we would do well to remember that they have been worse. Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Black Monday, the steepest single day fall in market history. To commemorate the resilience of the U.S. stock market, we present you with a recession-proof sale.

The Art of the Market:
Two Centuries of American Business As Seen Through Its Stock Certificates

By Bob Tamarkin and Les Krantz, Hardcover, 176 pages
List Price: $35.00, Lowest Price: $23.75, OUR PRICE: $14.95

Art of the MarketAllow us introduce you to “scripophily:” the collecting of old stock certificates that have no monetary value. If you’re wondering why anyone would ever do such a thing, take a look at the beautiful hand-engraved image below.

Before television commercials or even widespread print media, the stock certificate was a company’s favored means of projecting a brand image. Tamarkin and Krantz have compiled over 150 full color stock certificates that will inspire artists and investors alike.
The Worsted Corporation’s emblem  (click for a closeup):


Richard Drezen of the Washington Post News Research Center hails The Art of the Market for “successfully remind[ing] us that ‘business art’ need not be an oxymoron.”

This book is discounted only through October 25th. Purchase it for $14.95 (list price $35.00):

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Gift Certificate In addition, let your loved one, relative or friend choose a unique gift from our extensive selection of nearly 40,000 hard-to-find books and prints. Give a gift certificate in any amount. Add to Cart

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New Government Report: Lehman Brothers Examiner’s Report: Congressional Testimony (ISBN: 9781437933666)

Lehman Brothers Examiner’s Report: Congressional Testimony (ISBN: 9781437933666)
By Mary L. Schapiro
(Paperback, 14 pages, 2010, $10.00)

When Mary Schapiro became Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January 2009, the agency and financial markets were still reeling from the events of the fall of 2008.

Since that time, the SEC has worked to review its policies, improve its operations and address the legal and regulatory gaps that came to light during the crisis. The Lehman failure sheds light on many interconnected and mutually reinforcing causes that contributed to the failure of many major financial institutions, both bank and non-bank.

This testimony describes the SEC structure for the supervision of investment banks and their holding companies, the failure of Lehman, the lessons learned from the Consolidated Supervised Entity program, and the legislative and regulatory initiatives that are necessary.

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New Government Report: AIG Rescue, Its Impact on Markets, and the Government’s Exit Strategy (ISBN: 9781437935868)

AIG Rescue, Its Impact on Markets, and the Government’s Exit Strategy (ISBN: 9781437935868)
By Elizabeth Warren
(Paperback, 336 pages, 2010, $45)

The New York Federal Reserve under Timothy Geithner failed to exhaust all options to arrange a private-sector rescue of American International Group before launching a taxpayer-funded bailout in 2008, a government watchdog group said on Thursday, Reuters reports.

Contents: A. Overview; B. AIG Before the Government Rescue; C. The Rescue; D. Subsequent Government Actions; E. Impact of the Rescue: Where the Money Went; F. Analysis of the Government’s Decisions 2008; G. Assessment of the Role of Treasury and the Federal Reserve; H. Current Government. Holdings and Their Value: 1. Markets View of AIG’s Equity; 2. Residual Value of AIG: Parameters of Debate; 3. Administration’s Subsidy Estimates; I. Exit Strategies: 1. AIG’s Plans for Return to Profitability; 2. Treasury’s Plan for Exit; J. Exec. Comp.: 1. AIG Changed a Fundamental Market Relationship; 2. The Role of Credit Rating Agencies; 3. Options Available to the Government; 4. The Government’s Authorities in a Financial Crisis; 5. Conflicts. Illustrations.

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New Government Report: Poverty in the United States: 2008 (ISBN: 1437934285)

Poverty in the United States: 2008 (ISBN: 1437934285)
By Thomas Gabe (Paperback, 19 pages, 2010, $15)

In 2008, 39.8 million people were counted as poor in the U.S. — an increase of 2.6 million persons from 2007, and nearly the largest number of persons counted as poor since 1960. The poverty rate was reported at 13.2%; this is up from 12.5% in 2007, and is the highest rate since 1997. The recent increase in poverty reflects the worsening of economic conditions since the onset of the economic recession in December 2007.

Contents of this report: (1) Trends in Poverty; (2) Definition of Poverty; (3) Poverty Among: Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Nativity and Citizenship Status; Children; Adults with Low Education, Unemployment, or Disability; The Aged; (4) Receipt of Welfare Among the Poor; (5) Geography of Poverty. App.: U.S. Poverty Statistics: 1959-2008.

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New Government Report: Financial Regulatory Reform and the 111th Congress (ISBN: 9781437934007)

Financial Regulatory Reform and the 111th Congress (ISBN: 9781437934007)
By Baird Webel (Paperback, 18 pages, 2010, $15)

In the wake of the global financial crisis and recession since Fall 2008, now the United States Senate and the House are considering 3,000 pages of financial regulatory reform.

Contents: (1) Introduction: Comprehensive Financial Reform Proposals; The Panic of Sept. 2008; (2) Issues for Regulatory Reform: Systemic Risk: Policy Issues (PI); Legislation; Federal Reserve Emergency Authority and Congressional Oversight: Policy Issues; Legislation; Resolution Regime for Failing Firms: Policy Issues; Legislation; Securitization and Shadow Banking: Policy Issues; Legislation; Consolidation of Bank Supervision: Policy Issues; Legislation; Financial Consumer Protection: Policy Issues; Legislation; Derivatives: Policy Issues; Legislation; Credit Rating Agencies: Policy Issues; Legislation; Investor Protection: Policy Issues; Legislation; Hedge Funds: Policy Issues; Legislation; Executive Compensation: Policy Issues; Legislation; Insurance: Policy Issues; Legislation.

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New Government Report: U.S. Motor Vehicle Industry: Confronting a New Dynamic in the Global Economy (ISBN: 9781437931960)

U.S. Motor Vehicle Industry: Confronting a New Dynamic in the Global Economy (ISBN: 9781437931960)
By Bill Canis and Brent D. Yacobucci (Paperback, 68 pages, 2010, $30)

An in-depth analysis of the 2009 crisis in the U.S. auto industry. and its prospects for regaining domestic and global competitiveness. Analyzes business and policy issues arising from the restructurings within the industry.

The year 2009 was marked by recession and a crisis in global credit markets; the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler; the incorporation of successor companies; hundreds of parts supplier bankruptcies; plant closings and worker buyouts; the cash-for-clunkers program; and increasing production and sales at year’s end.

Also examines the successes of Ford and the increasing presence of foreign-owned OEM (original equipment manufacturers), foreign-owned parts manufacturers, competition from imported vehicles, and a buildup of global over-capacity that threatens the recovery of U.S. domestic producers.

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New Government Reports: Russia, Israel-Palestine, Debt, Iraq and Oil, Federal Research

Every week we highlight five new government reports. Here are this week’s:

1) Russian Political, Economic, and Security Issues and U.S. Interests
Edited by Jim Nichol (Paperback, 39 pages)

Post-Soviet Russia and significance for the United States. Includes political and human rights development in the Putin-Medvedev era, political pluralism, human rights problems, and insurgency in the North Caucasus. Defense reforms regarding arms control and missile defense. Trade, economic and energy issues, including the World Trade Organization (WTO), Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

2) Israeli-Arab Negotiations: Background, Conflicts, and U.S. Policy
by Carol Migdalovitz (Paperback, 55 pages)

Recent developments between Israel and Palestine, Israel and Syria and Israel and Lebanon. Also includes the United States’ role from 1991-2008, including the Obama Administration, the Madrid Conference, Bilateral talks and development between Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

3) Debt Limit: History and Recent Increases

Includes a brief history of the federal debt limit: origins of the federal debt limit during World War II, the debt ceiling in the last decade and the economic slowdown and federal debt. Charts and tables.

4) Iraq: Oil and Gas Legislation, Revenue Sharing, and U.S. Policy
by Christopher M. Blanchard (Paperback, 29 pages)

Draft of hydrocarbon legislation, interim arrangements and contracts with the Kurdistan Regional Government and Ministry of Oil. Also includes the Iraqi Perspectives on Iraq’s Constitution, federal and regional authority, revenue sharing, foreign participation. Plus legislation by the United States Congress.

5) Federal Research and Development Funding: Fiscal Year 2011

Federal research and development (R&D) funding perspectives: Agency Perspective; Character of Work, Facilities, and Equipment Perspective; Combined Perspective. Includes the National Nanotechnology Initiative; Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Program and the U.S. Global Change Research Program. More from the DoD; DHS; NIH; DoE; NSF; Department of Commerce: NIST, NOAA, NASA; USDA; Department of the Interior; EPA and DoT. Charts and tables.

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