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New Government Report: Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations

Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations
by Christopher M. Blanchard
Paperback, 51 pages, 2009, $30.00
ISBN: 1437928382

Contents: (I) Recent Developments; (II) Background: Saudi Arabia’s Political Development; Saudi-U.S. Relations, 1931-2001; September 11, 2001, and its Aftermath; The 9/11 Commission Report; Saudi Responses; Recent Assessments; Terrorist Financing Concerns; Toward a New Relationship?; New Bilateral Agreements;

(III) Recent Congressional Interest in Saudi Arabia: U.S. Foreign Assistance to Saudi Arabia and Congressional Prohibitions; International Military Education and Training (IMET); Counterterrorism Assistance; Prohibitions on Foreign Assistance; FY2010 Appropriations Debate; U.S. Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia; Background; Criticism and Action in the 110th Congress; BAE Corruption Inquiry;

(IV) Current Issues in U.S.-Saudi Relations; U.S.-Saudi Military Cooperation: U.S. Military Training Mission in Saudi Arabia (USMTM); Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization Program (PM-SANG); Office of Program Mgt. Ministry of Interior – Facilities Security Forces (OPM MOI-FSF); Counterterrorism; Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; Combating Extremism; The Arab-Israeli Conflict; Saudi-Palestinian Relations; Saudi Peace Proposals; Iraq;Saudi Policy Priorities in Iraq; Saudi-Iraqi Diplomatic and Economic Relations; Economic Relations and Trade; U.S.-Saudi Trade; U.S. Oil Imports and Saudi Policy; U.S.-Saudi Foreign Direct Investment; Saudi Boycott of Israel and WTO Membership; Human Rights, Religious Freedom, and Political Reform; Political Reform Debates and Elections; Leadership and Succession; Social Reform Debates and Recent Leadership Changes; Human Rights; Religious Freedom; Consular Issues;

(V) Further Reading and Historical Resources; Appendix A. Recent Proposed Arms Sales; Appendix B. Text of Saudi Peace Initiatives. Figures.

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New Government Report: Understanding China’s Political System

Understanding China’s Political System
by Kerry Dumbaugh and Michael F. Martin
Paperback, 24 pages, 2009, $20.00
ISBN: 1437928374

At one level, China is a one-party state that has been ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since 1949. But rather than being rigidly hierarchical and authoritarian, political power in China now is diffuse, complex, and at times highly competitive. Despite the CCP’s grip on power, present-day China’s political process is infused with other political actors that influence and sometimes determine policy.

Contents of this report: (I) Introduction and Overview: China’s Preeminent Political Institutions; (II) The Chinese Communist Party: The Political Bureau (Politburo); The Politburo Standing Committee (PSC); The Secretariat; Party Discipline; (III) The Chinese Government: The State Council; The Ministries; Government Control; (IV) The National People’s Congress; (V) The People’s Liberation Army;

(VI) Relationships Among Leaders; (VII) Other Important Political Actors: Leading Small Groups; Government-Sponsored Research Institutions; Central Party School; The “Princelings”; (VIII) Provincial, Municipal, and Local Governments; (IX) Trends and Idiosyncrasies of China’s Political System: China’s View of Democracy and Political Reform; Coordination of Central and Local Governments; Factionalism; Modern Media; (X) Implications for Congress.

Appendices: A. Official Members of the CCP’s Political Bureau (Politburo) and its StandingCommittee; B. Official Members of China’s State Council (by title);  C. Current Members of Central Military Commission.

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New Government Report: Immigration Visa Issuances and Grounds for Exclusion: Policy and Trends (ISBN: 143793126X)

Immigration Visa Issuances and Grounds for Exclusion: Policy and Trends (ISBN: 143793126X)
By Ruth Ellen Wasem (Paperback, 27 pages, 2010, $20)

At the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors, mayors from across the country condemned Arizona’s SB 1070 law and pressed Congress to pass immigration reform.

Contents of this report: (1) Introduction: Policy Context; Background; (2) Visa Issuance Policy: Disqualification; Exclusion; Permanent Admissions (Immigrant Visas): Procedures; Trends; Temporary Admissions (Nonimmigrant Visas): Procedures; Presumption; Trends; (3) Grounds for Exclusion: Brief Legislative History; Communicable Diseases; Criminal History; Security and Terrorist Concerns; Public Charge; Labor Market Protections; Illegal Entrants and Immigration Law Violations; Ineligible for Citizenship; Illegal Presence or Previously Removed; (4) Analysis of Visa Inadmissibility Determinations: Inadmissible Immigrants, and Nonimmigrants; (5) Concluding Observations. Charts and tables.

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New Government Report: Financial Regulatory Reform and the 111th Congress (ISBN: 9781437934007)

Financial Regulatory Reform and the 111th Congress (ISBN: 9781437934007)
By Baird Webel (Paperback, 18 pages, 2010, $15)

In the wake of the global financial crisis and recession since Fall 2008, now the United States Senate and the House are considering 3,000 pages of financial regulatory reform.

Contents: (1) Introduction: Comprehensive Financial Reform Proposals; The Panic of Sept. 2008; (2) Issues for Regulatory Reform: Systemic Risk: Policy Issues (PI); Legislation; Federal Reserve Emergency Authority and Congressional Oversight: Policy Issues; Legislation; Resolution Regime for Failing Firms: Policy Issues; Legislation; Securitization and Shadow Banking: Policy Issues; Legislation; Consolidation of Bank Supervision: Policy Issues; Legislation; Financial Consumer Protection: Policy Issues; Legislation; Derivatives: Policy Issues; Legislation; Credit Rating Agencies: Policy Issues; Legislation; Investor Protection: Policy Issues; Legislation; Hedge Funds: Policy Issues; Legislation; Executive Compensation: Policy Issues; Legislation; Insurance: Policy Issues; Legislation.

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