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Weekly Book Special: Manhattan Within, Sketches of the New York Skyline from Central Park by Matteo Pericoli

Weekly Book Special: September 7th-September 13th

Last Friday, September 3rd, marked Skyscraper Day — a celebration of the world’s tallest buildings. To commemorate, this week’s book special focuses on New York’s world-famous skyline:

Manhattan Within

Written and Illustrated by Matteo Pericoli
Slipcase in original shrinkwrap, 72 pages, 2003, ISBN: 0375508686
List Price: $30.00, OUR PRICE: $9.95
Manhattan Within

This set by Matteo Pericoli, the best-selling artist-architect of “Manhattan Unfurled” (Our Price: $30.00) includes: A full-color 22-foot-long drawing, in an accordion fold-out format, which provides an amazing 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline as seen from within Central Park.

Includes a separate, enlightening personal journal about the method, philosophy, and evolution of the work — an unprecedented, dramatic re-envisioning of the relationship between the city and its geographical center and escape. A visual legend and diagram identifies the city’s landmarks and streets.

Watch the CBS Sunday Morning clip on Pericoli’s artistic process (click to watch):

“[Pericoli’s] prose, as it turns out, is as evocative as his art,” writes Booklist in a review.

Pericoli writes: “When I was working on the skyline along the edge of the island, [the buildings] were giving their backs to me as if they didn’t care. From the park all the buildings seem to look at me. I think this is the real skyline of Manhattan.”

This book is discounted only through September 13th. Purchase it for $9.95 (list price $30.00):

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Patriot Improvers Vol. 1-3, Members of the American Philosophical Society (APS), by Whitfield Bell

Patriot Improvers Vol. 1-3, Members of the American Philosophical Society (APS), by Whitfield Bell

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When Benjamin Franklin adopted John Bartram’s 1739 idea of bringing together the “virtuosi” of the colonies to promote inquiries into “natural secrets, arts and syances,” the result was, in 1743, the founding of the American Philosophical Society (APS).

Read more about Dr. Whitfield Bell’s definitive three-volume set of biographical sketches of early APS Members, many of whom were important historical figures in colonial Philadelphia.

The three-volume set is a worthy testament to a much loved member of the APS and a handsome addition to bookshelves.

Patriot Improvers Vol. 1 Patriot-Improvers: Members of the American Philosophical Society, Volume One: 1743-1768
(Memoir 226)

(Hardcover, 531 pages, 1997, $40.00)

Includes biographies of the Society’s best known members such as Franklin, David Rittenhouse, John Bartram, Benjamin Rush, John Dickinson, Thomas Hopkinson and lesser known merchants, artisans, farmers, physicians, lawyers and clergymen with familiar surnames such as Biddle, Colden and Morris. Illustrations. Read more >>

Patriot Improvers Vol. 2Patriot-Improvers: Members of the American Philosophical Society, Volume Two: 1768 (Memoir 227)
(Hardcover, 425 pages, 1999, $40.00)

This is the 2nd of 3 volumes of sketches that represent, “the first systematic attempt to collect and preserve data on the lives of [the Society’s first] members” and add much to our knowledge of the history and culture of 18th-century America. Contents: Sketches of Members inducted from 8 April-20 Dec. 1768; History of the Medical Society 1766-1768 and Sketches of Members; and Portraits of 31 Members. Read more >>

Patriot Improvers Vol. 3Patriot-Improvers: Biographical Sketches of Members of the American Philosophical Society: Volume Three: 1767-1768: Memoirs, APS (vol. 228)
(Hardcover, 696 pages, 2010, $60.00)

The long-anticipated third volume of Patriot-Improvers brings to an end the important work of Dr. Whit Bell, who started in 1997 to put together “biographical sketches of members of the American Philosophical Society elected between 1743, when Franklin proposed it, and 1769, when it was established on its present foundation by the union of several earlier institutions.” Work on this third volume was completed by APS Librarian Charles Greifenstein after the death of Dr. Bell in early 2009. Read more >>

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